Although it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment it happened, some time in his seventies John turned from a Broadway star to a Broadway legend. Perhaps it started when he began performing with his daughter Bonnie, reaching new audiences at an age when most singers are losing theirs. Maybe the sheer longevity of his career, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or being inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame had something to do with it. The experiences of the young musical theatre singers who attended his master classes or whose student performances were sponsored by John could add to the legend. Or maybe just John’s keen and proactive interest in performers and productions kept him a vibrant, informed, highly approachable and generous connection to a historic era of American musical theatre.

John kept singing well into his eighties, always relishing the connection with his audience. He passed away at his home with his family by his side on February 20, 2005 at the age of 88.

It is with great love and affection that his family, friends, colleagues and fans have created these pages to pay tribute to his legacy and, as John himself was fond of saying with more than a wink in his eye, to "keep the name flying'".